Windfeldt Trail System

The Windfeldt Trails are on the park’s southern side and wind through prairie, an old apple orchard, and oak and pine forest.


The trails winding around the prairie often have wildflowers throughout the summer, and there are several good areas to bird watch along the trail.  The highest point in the park also has good views (but no so high you can see the entire park from it).

Getting to the Trail:

There are two parking lots for the trail.  The first is located by the campground & playing field, just past the RV Sanitary station.  After coming into the park, turn right at the T intersection and the parking lot will be on your left.  The other parking lot is on the other side of the trails.  Turn left at the T intersection and the parking lot is on the left.  Cross back over Windfeldt Road (the parking lot on the right/south side of the road is for horse trailers) and you can pick up the trail.  (This parking lot also accesses the Dike Hiking Trail)

This trail is also directly across from the family campground.

Trail Info:

Difficulty: Easy to Medium (for the park)

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