Explore Hartman Creek State Park

Activities in the Park

Get out and explore nature! Hike, bike, swim or camp just for starters. Look for one of the many geocaches in the park, bring your horse in for a trail ride, rent a kayak – there are endless ways to enjoy Hartman Creek.

Plants, Animals and Natural Features

With over 1400 acres along the edge of the glaciers in the last ice age, there’s a lot to see when you explore the park. Wildflowers in spring, migrating animals, summer birds and animals, the remains of the glacial edge that cut through the park 12,000 years – there is lots to find in the park.

Hellestad House near Allen Lake

Park History

Explore the history before Hartman Creek was a park. Go back in time to the 1840s with the Hellestad House – an original restored settler’s cabin. See the remains of the fishery that was once at Allen Lake, and go through the peaceful Whispering Pines which was once a huge tourist attraction on the Chain O’ Lakes.

Nearby Attractions

The Waupaca and Chain O Lakes area has so much to see and do any season! Restaurants, activities and stores close by in Waupaca, King and all around the lakes.

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