Deer Path Trail

The Deer Path Trail is a 1-mile trail around Allen Lake, following the shoreline through a deciduous forest on the southern side and a pine forest on the northern side.  Similar to its name, the trail is narrow and climbs and descends through many of the hills around the lake.  There are some narrow stairs for the steeper hills, but the trail is mostly a one-person-wide winding trail.  (For a more leisurely lake hike, check out the Dike Hiking Trail).  On the north side of the lake, the trail splits into two for a short distance before merging again – one a potentially very wet path next to the water and the other a wider, drier trail through the pines.


The Deer Path Trail provides a beautiful hike through different kinds of forests and has several views of Allen Lake.  There is a dock along the trail by the Allen Lake Parking Lot and some of the remains of the old fish hatchery that was once here.  This trail has several benches that face the lake if you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax.

Winter Use:

Hiking is allowed on the trail in the winter, but the trail is not groomed or marked during winter months.

Getting to the Trail:

The parking lot at Allen Lake provides easy access to the trail – if you park here and walk towards the lake, you’ll be on the trail.  This trail is also easy to access from the campground.  During the summer, drinking water is available at the trail by the parking lot.

Trail Info:

Distance: 1 mile
Difficulty: Medium

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