Geocaching is using GPS coordinates to find an item hidden by someone else.  They vary in size from very small to the size of a gallon jug (or even bigger), and usually contain a log that finders can sign.  If you're interested - check out the geocaching links on the right of the page for more info and how to find them!

If you're coming to Hartman Creek to geocache, you're in luck - there are a lot!  As of early 2019, there are over 50 geocaches in the park.  There are several individual ones, as well as series that lead to a final solve.  There are even more hidden along the Ice Age Trail and in Emmons Creek Nature Area south of the park.  And if you're making a day or more of it, look around the Waupaca area too - all together there are over 500 geocaches in the Waupaca-area.