Joseph Paul

Spouse: Lillian
Four children: 3 sons, 1 daughter
Eleven grandchildren
One great-grandson
One great-granddaughter

Professional Career
Forty years as a Research Psychologist specializing in Consumer and Marketing Research with
major consumer products manufacturers.

Published monograph in Design Management Journal, Vol. 11, Fall 2000; Performance Metrics
to Measure the Value of Design, validated the use of computer analysis of natural language to
predict consumer behavior.
American Marketing Association, Executive Fellow
Journal of Marketing Research, Editorial Review Board (1976 – 1982)

Activities in Retirement
Certificated pilot, single engine, land
Twenty-two years engaged in volunteer work:

  • Friends of Hartman Creek State Park, Board of Directors,
  • Green Circle Trail, Stevens Point, Board of Directors
  • Ice Age Trail
  • Wood working (rough) signage
    Wood working (fine) furniture and custom heirloom pieces.
    Military (1954 – 1956)
    US Army; specialist in wheeled / tracked vehicle retrieval and mechanics.

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